Amanda & Ross – Rosemary Beach

Amanda and Ross – Can I PLEASE photograph you two every day? These two are such a sweet and fun couple. I had such an awesome time photographing their Rosemary Beach Wedding!

Diane from Sweet Tea Tallahassee and Sara from Saramonies did an AMAZING job -as usual.

And I can’t leave out Chuck Lawson the Music man -he did an incredible job with the music and keeping everyone dancing. And I LOVED the steel drums!

RomandaD2 rosemary_beach RomandaD8
rosemary_beach_photographer RomandaD3 RomandaGR1 RomandaD14 RomandaGR4 RomandaGR2 RomandaD13 RomandaGR3 rosemary_beach_floirda alys_beach_wedding RomandaGR3_WEB RomandaD16 RomandaGR12 RomandaGR11 RomandaGR9 RomandaD18_WEB RomandaD21_WEB RomandaGR19
RomandaGR7 RomandaGR13
alys_beach_photographer 2 RomandaGR20 alys_beach_photographer rosemary_beach_1 rosemary_beach_weddings RomandaF4 RomandaF3 alys_beach_wedding_photographer_1 florida_beach_wedding_photographer RomandaF6 rosemary_beach_Wedding-1 RomandaF8 RomandaF10 RomandaF13 RomandaF14 RomandaF11 RomandaF12 RomandaF15 RomandaF18 RomandaF15_WEB alys-beach-wedding-photographer RomandaF22 RomandaF23 RomandaF34_WEB RomandaF32
RomandaF27 RomandaF24 RomandaF29 rosemary_beach_wedding_photo RomandaF25
RomandaF36_WEB RomandaF42 alys_beach_wedding_photographer RomandaF43 RomandaF46 alys-beach-wedding alys_beach_florida_wedding RomandaF85 rosemary_beach_wedding-photographer RomandaF89 RomandaF83_WEB RomandaF88 RomandaF52_WEB
RomandaF68 tallahassee_wedding_photographer1 RomandaF76_WEB RomandaF62_WEB RomandaF8-2 RomandaF9-2 alys_beach_wedding_2 RomandaF3-2 RomandaF4-2 RomandaF5-2_WEB RomandaF6-2 RomandaF2-2 RomandaF7-2 RomandaF10-2 RomandaF12-2 RomandaF14-2_WEB


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